Build a competitive sales culture with gamification and live leaderboards

Motivate and retain your sales talent by recognizing their wins in public among their peers with real-time sales leaderboards.

Align sales behaviour and revenue goals using AI-powered nudges

Drive the sales team towards achieving your desired business outcomes by clarifying the revenue goals with milestones and customizable goal-based notifications.

Create dynamic sales leaderboards with desired metrics

Metric configuration
Apply logical conditions with functions and metrics to define tasks/milestones for your participants. Use a multi-metric approach to ensure a clear performance analysis.
Multi-form incentives
Offer monetary incentives via ‘Points or Scores’ and non-monetary through ‘Badges’ to ensure every effort acknowledges and resonates with each team member.
Live leaderboards
With interactive leaderboards, adventurous level maps, live scores, and clear earnings updates, instill a sense of competition and achievement among your team.
Advanced insights
Apply filters to get in-depth insights into team performance. Identify top performers and areas that need improvement within the specific segments.

Drive healthy competition by highlighting sales wins publicly

Provide your team complete transparency into their performance with customizable gamification elements.

Gamify sales workflow and launch contests at scale

Create and launch sales contests customized for each region, role, incentive structure, etc.
Set AI-powered nudges and notifications for events like program start or end, quota attainment and more.
Easily set up and track performance with customizable widgets like leaderboards and reports.
Utilize intelligent cues provided on the platform to improve your contest designs.

Build accountability and ownership toward sales revenue goals

Motivate sales reps with complete visibility into the KPIs that attention and focus. 
Recognize wins with monetary and non-monetary options, including points, scores, badges, etc. 
Allow/disallow negative points into your scoring system depending on your incentive structure.
Promote trust and visibility between the leadership team and frontline sellers with live scorecards. 

Recognize top sales performers publicly and consistently

Honor the hard work of your sales reps with collectible badges for specific sales activities, goals, or milestones
Showcase the incentives instantly with real-time earnings updated upon each sale.
Provide shoutouts to top performers in public groups with the organization's entire sales team. 
Create communities to let team members collaborate and support each other toward common goals.

Increase sales performance across the hierarchy

Break down sales goals into gamified challenges at any hierarchical role to drive your KPIs.
Sales leaders
Empower your sales leaders with visibility into different contests and to make data-driven decisions.
Sales managers
Equip sales managers to track their team's performance through milestones to ensure quota attainment.
Sales reps
Enable sales reps to track their KPIs, including meetings booked, demos done, closed deals, and more.
Account managers
Inspire account managers with a gamification approach that makes every 'closed won' deal into a celebration.

Go-To sales gamification software to run contests at scale

Achievement feed

Get instant updates on badges, earnings, and program changes to keep your team informed.

Live scorecard

Give your team a bird’s eye view of their performance in real-time to help them stay motivated.

Earnings forecast

Guide your sales team to pursue sales activities that amplify their earning potential.

In-app insights

Personalize sales reps’ earnings and performance tracking for strategic growth.

Personalized nudges

Keep your sales reps aligned and motivated with timely reminders of their performance milestones.

Push notifications

Deliver notifications straight to their preferred channels—email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Compass is best suited for all of your enterprise needs

Launch scalable sales commission programs with accurate calculations and payouts.
Custom Integrations
Our talented tech team will help you centralize your data from any source, like CRM, ERP, HCM, etc, in no time.
Onboarding Support
From onboarding to implementation, you will receive a dedicated resource, reflecting our equal investment in your success.
Multi-Region Deployments
Our global cloud infrastructure allows you to choose how and where you want to store your data.

Enterprise-Grade data security and privacy management

Compass meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance
burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.
Here is what Compass offers:
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
The platform adheres to all global standards including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA and GDPR
Checks and processes like VAPT, code reviews, BCP, firewalls, IDS, logging, monitoring, MFA, data encryption and code audits.

Trusted by leading global enterprises

"We saw a 40% improvement in achieving sales quota."

The real-time tracking and leaderboards brought out a competitive spirit we hadn't seen before. Our sales reps were eager to find and close high-value deals to put themselves on top of the leaderboard and stay there throughout the plan. This not only helped create a competitive culture but also drastically increased sales revenue.

Director of Sales, Mercedes-Benz

“Our sales reps feel more motivated and engaged.”

We had a hard time keeping the sales team motivated to finish many mundane tasks during sales processes. However, implementing various gamification elements tied with KPIs related to those processes motivated them to complete those tasks and see results and appreciation in real time on multiple communities inside Compass itself.

Regional Sales Head, Pepsi

"A great way to promote urgency in sales"

We had many deals lying in the pipeline, and sometimes, the salespeople needed personalized nudges to motivate them to pursue those deals. Compass helped us launch nudges and notifications in the app to inform the sales team about high-value deals and timelines.

Head of RevOps, Coca-Cola