Discover why Compass outperforms other ICM platforms

Compass is an enterprise grade incentive compensation management software built to handle the scale and complexities in your sales compensation plan. Global enterprises like Mercedez, Sony, PepsiCo trust Compass to run their sales commission and channel incentive programs.

Discover why Compass outperforms other ICM platforms

Compass is an enterprise grade incentive compensation management software built to handle the scale and complexities in your sales compensation plan. Global enterprises like Mercedez, Sony, PepsiCo trust Compass to run their sales commission and channel incentive programs.

Compass versus other platforms

There are plenty of incentive compensation management solutions out there but only Compass provides extensive features and functionalities to run your IC plans with accurate calculations, real-time earnings visibility and live performance tracking. We made it easy for you to evaluate, compare, and pick the platform that's right for you.

Google Sheet
MS Teams
Compass is a schema-agnostic platform that does not require data in any defined format. You can add data manually through a CSV file or via 85+ integrations, including databases, data warehouses, CRM, ERP, HCM, and so on. If you have your own in-house tool, our tech team will help you with the data transfer and ensure the data is clean and secure.
Most products in the ICM market necessitate data in specific formats and lack schema flexibility, like Compass. Consequently, users often need to adjust or reformat their data to align with these platforms' requirements.
Incentive Plan designer
Low Code Platform
Data Mapping
Clone campaigns
Combine Schemes
Multi-tier quota settings
Deal Splits
Joins and unions
Role based access controls
Compass provides a 100% no-code incentive plan designer that is extremely user-friendly. It reduces the dependency on running incentive/commissions plans from building, launching, and analyzing.
Many products on the market have a steep learning curve and require some understanding of coding or high Excel knowledge, which often leads to delays in implementing incentive plans for the sales team.
Calculation Automation
Built-in validator
Automated workflows
Bonuses & SPIFFs
Real-time financial modeling
Compass ensures 100% error-free incentive calculations, regardless of the scale and complexity of the parameters in your incentive compensation plan.
Competitor products may encounter challenges or limitations, particularly with highly customized and complex plans. Consequently, achieving complete automation or ensuring the authenticity of the output can be problematic for these platforms.
User engagement/Communication
Mobile app
What-if estimator
Plan documents
Quota Attainment visibility
Smart Notifications
Personalized dashboards
Transaction summaries
Leader boards
Compass allows the sales incentive analyst to run incentive or commission programs with the utmost transparency and ensure zero disputes by providing visibility into multiple KPIs at the deal level. On the other hand, the sales teams can see their future earnings with a user-friendly mobile app.
Several other products in the market struggle to provide the same level of transparency for showcasing KPIs, earnings, and deals as Compass does.
Advance Reports & Analytics
Configurable performance dashboards  
Custom reports
Collaborative dashboards
CSV exports
Integrate with external reporting tools
Audit Trail
Compass provides an extensive and configurable reports dashboard with real-time performance tracking across plans and time periods. It allows for data-driven decision-making and changes to the incentive structure on the go.
Reports are not so detailed and graphically present
Admin Features & Implementation
Hierarchy Setup
Implementation Support
Training Support
API Data Pull Support
Configurable Templates
We onboarded 25000+ users in less than three months. From onboarding to implementation, our talented tech team will be with you, training and supporting you, reflecting our equal investment in your success.
Most competitors have larger implementation cycles taking more than 5 months.

Enterprise-grade sales incentive compensation solution

Tailored solution curated for enterprise organizations enabling accurate calculations, motivated sales force, and on-time payouts.

Configure the platform in the language and currency of your choice for your global teams.


The platform adheres to all global standards, including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA, and GDPR.

Security & Privacy

VAPT, Code reviews, BCP. Firewalls, IDS, logging, monitoring, MFA, data encryption and code audits.

Worldwide Deployment

Global cloud infrastructure gives the flexibility to choose how and where to run and store data.

Global Rewards

A global reward store for offers limitless choices for your global teams, across international and local brands.


The platform can be white-labeled with branding, logos, colors, time zones, and languages to more.


85+ Integration options

Centralize your sales data from any number of data sources under a single platform. Our talented tech team will help you integrate your data from any database like SAP, Oracle, MYSQL, etc in no time.

Link your sales commission data with the SQL tables.
Connect data with Compass’s SFTP through a seamless process.
Google Sheets
Stop doing manual data entry by connecting sheets with Compass.
Connect and sync HubSpot to view deals in real-time.
Keep your incentives up-to-date by pulling your data from Salesforce
Import data from your SAP platform to Compass in real-time.
Zoho CRM
Connect and sync Zoho CRM and automate calculations.
Add to Zoho CRM
Bring in workflows, KPIs and custom fields from Close CRM.
MS Teams
Send alerts and notifications to sales-reps on high-revenue deals.

Trusted by leading global enterprises

”90% average reduction in overpayments

Before Compass, we struggled with overpayments, which not only affected our profits but also complicated our financial processes. Since adopting Compass, we've experienced a phenomenal 90% average reduction in overpayments.

Director of Revenue Operations, Coco-Cola

”67% reduction in payout escalations”

Compass allowed us to communicate with our employees much more efficiently by giving them visibility into commission earnings, answering queries, and resolving disputes under a single tab. Our sales team was able to focus on closing more deals rather than worrying about commission errors.

Director of sales operations, Pepsi

”100% accuracy in payouts”

With over 10,000+ sales team members worldwide, Compass has given us the confidence to ensure accurate payouts in our commission programs. Compass has been instrumental in making our commission calculations seamless, transparent, and efficient.

Regional Sales Head, Mercedez