Maximize channel sales with engaging and revenue driven incentive programs

Centralize your channel incentive program under a single dashboard and motivate your partners to boost sales with earnings visibility.

Grow your channel revenue with performance driven incentive plans

 Create simple and complex channel incentive programs that align with all types of partners including distributors, resellers, vendors, and more.

Launch custom plans across different channels with ease

Incentive Plan Designer
Design engaging and gamified channel incentive plans and launch them with ready-made templates in multiple countries with flexible sales targets.
Computation Engine
Empower your channel partners with automated incentive calculation that utilizes real-time data to ensure precise and accurate incentives every time.
Seamless Integrations
Integrate your ERP, CRM, HCM, spreadsheets, or any other data source with Compass using our native integrations, centralizing your channel data.
Reporting & Analytics
Analyze and monitor your channel partners’ performance in real-time on a macro and micro level with our powerful reports and make data-driven decisions.

Build a competitive partner ecosystem with commission visibility

Create a high-performing sales culture by showcasing the achievements of top-performing partners.

Maximize channel revenue with data-driven optimizations

Utilize Compass’s real-time data capabilities to quickly identify revenue trends in various channels and adjust strategies for maximum ROI.
Provide your channel partners with precise forecasts of their potential earnings, enabling them to align their efforts for the highest profitability.
Break down performance targets and send personalized nudges and notifications to channel partners so they stay on track of their progress.

Encourage Partner Engagement with Interactive Gamification

Build a competitive and collaborative culture by implementing gamified incentive plans with pre-built templates, leader boards, scorecards, etc.
Create chat groups for different channels to encourage conversations, share best practices and tips, foster team bonding, and drive competition.

Calculate error-free incentives and do on-time payouts

Manage error-free incentive calculations with our powerful computation engine. Allow access to earning history, transaction details, and more.
Design and customize your incentive workflows for various channels and see them reflected in real-time across all your campaigns.

Run channel incentive programs for any type of industry

Retail & FMCG

Enhance channel revenue through transparent and engaging incentive programs for distributors and retailers.


Empower your channel partners to accelerate the pipeline with end-to-end automated incentive programs.


Assist partner managers in making informed decisions with insightful dashboards and performance reports.


Arrive at accurate incentives for deals closed by automating complex calculations, leaving no room for errors.


Ensure on-time disbursal of payouts by automating the multi-level approval process among stakeholders


Handle every aspect of your incentive program effortlessly, from design to performance management and payouts.

Make payments directly to your partner’s accounts

Integrate Xoxoday's marketplace and offer instant payouts and a range of exciting rewards.
Delight your channel partners with the option to redeem the way they want:
Enable your team to redeem the points as cash into their prepaid cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc.
More than 1M+ reward options across 30+ categories, including gift cards, experiences, merchandise, etc.
Rewards are accessible in 150+ countries with multi-currency and multilingual options.

Compass is best suited for all of your enterprise needs

Run scalable incentive programs for any number of channels partners with error-free calculations.
Custom Integrations
Our talented tech team will help you centralize your data from any source, like CRM, ERP, HCM, etc, in no time.
Onboarding Support
From onboarding to implementation, you will receive a dedicated resource, reflecting our equal investment in your success.
Multi-Region Deployments
Our global cloud infrastructure allows you to choose how and where you want to store your data.

Enterprise-Grade data security and privacy management

Compass meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance
burdens for your business and keep payouts safe.
Here is what Compass offers:
HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
The platform adheres to all global standards including WCAG, SOC II, ISO 27001, CCPA, HIPPA and GDPR
Checks and processes like VAPT, code reviews, BCP, firewalls, IDS, logging, monitoring, MFA, data encryption and code audits.

Trusted by leading global enterprises

”Reduced incentive plan design time by 40%”

Compass solved the hardest part of managing different channel partners which is ensuring each of them has a customized commission plan with respect to their region, channel type, revenue, competitive landscape, etc., and keeping them all aligned with organizational revenue goals.

Partner Account Manager, Coco-Cola

”85.8% increase in dealer engagement”

Compass allowed us to motivate the right behaviors of our dealers worldwide. We provided upfront value for the dealers by showing them how much they could earn for each sale with an earnings forecast. This allowed them to focus on better deals and, in turn, more revenue for us.

Strategic Alliances Manager, Mercedes-Benz

"A single dashboard to manage all partners."

Managing sales data for thousands of partners worldwide is challenging when it's scattered across multiple systems. Compass brings everything under one dashboard, making it easier to manage your network and gain valuable insights.

Partnerships Head, Nestle